The Red Booth

DRUID PICTURES has been working on a few projects recently, the main one being The Red Booth, which has 4 episodes already shot now and in the can.

It’s an interview show set in a giant red 50′s diner booth, hosted by Kimberly (a former model and actress) wearing all retro clothes and make-up to match.

The interviews are meant to be informal, fun and insightful. Featured guests include  artists, musicians, models, actors, writers and many more.



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Comedy Web/Shorts Commence

“The Poolman’s Revenge” is shooting this weekend with a handful of amazing people helping out as cast and crew on a no-budget basis.

The script itself was written by Kimberly Brennecke which is a first for her to produce any of her own writings and is a fun little side project.  She’s  also directing it which will be a first, for anything official like this (aside from when she was young teen, making own her little homemade projects).

It looks like a great group of people are forming to help produce a few more of these comedy shorts that Kimberly has also already written, and room for more collaboration with others.

Aside from the joy of seeing concept come to life, it’s good to stay in practice with production experience like this. More to come!


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Welcome two Casting Director Ninja’s…

Two casting girls have been making a splash in Hollywood and growing even higher in show credit ranking and producer projects. Now with their own agent at Innovative Artists (a very well known talent Agency) they are playing with the big boys! And it’s no surprise considering their general spunk and playful nature, mixed in with real familiarity with the business and “who’s who now”.

Having worked on projects with Spike Lee, Andy Dick, Rob Schneider, Tyler Perry,  Ice Cube, Billy Crystal, Johnny Knoxville, David Alan Grier and many more… Jenny Trinh and Natasha Ward are really doing some amazing things.

Working with us now to cast Evensong: The Last Druid and other possible projects of ours, DRUID PICTURES is very happy to share the news of this new partnership.

Not just Casting anymore, but moving into Co-Producing with us, it’s collaborative efforts like this that really make things happen in this business.

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Criss Angel interview shot over the weekend!

Well, this past weekend was a great trip for our documentary.  Our awesome team for DON WAYNE: MASTER IN THE SHADOWS left early on Saturday morning to arrive in Vegas for an afternoon interview with Criss Angel. Don Wayne himself came along for the fun of it and to say hello to people as we visited. We had other magicians and builders to visit in Las Vegas but Criss having recently collaborated with Don was one of the first on our line-up so far.

The great thing  about coordinating with Criss and his people has been how gracious they were and how excited Criss was to be a part of this documentary and help Don Wayne! His respect for Don is really apparent and so wonderful.

We arrived at Criss Angel’s palatial residence in the hills of Las Vegas overlooking an amazing view of the Vegas skyline. His home was intricately decorated with fantastic sculptures and amazing detail. It was truly magnificent. His unique “A” logo was found in places throughout the house, even engraved into his marble patio.  It was quite impressive.

As we entered Criss himself was very friendly and cool, he came out and shook all of our hands and told us we had the run of the place. His staff were very accomodating as we set up.  One of the things I really noticed was that he was not what I expected. Criss’s public persona is a very bad boy image and of course strange and mysterious, but in person he is actually very personable and down to earth.

Garett Martell our Director decided the best place to interview Criss was outside on his amazing patio.  Max Gerson, our Director of Photography made sure the lighting was great with the help of the crew (Steve Laszlo too) we set everything up. DeeDee Chapp, our photographer, chiperly took behind the scenes pictures as we worked. (once I get the OK I will add some of the shots to this post).

Criss Angel was chilling in his office working on his next big project and then went and changed into his interview clothes and came to sit down.  I had quickly changed and thrown on some make-up after helping set up and then was awaiting him in the interviewer chair.  We proceed to talk about how he got into magic and his views about the magic business and then had some wonderful dialgue about Don Wayne himself.  The interivew went on for some time and Criss was very open and went into stories that I wasn’t expecting. He gave us a lot of great footage to work with. Then he offered to interview Don and they sat down and chatted about magic which was a wonderful addition to the plans and very impromptu.  Criss got his staff to take pictures of him with Don and got Don to give a shout out for Criss’s TV show. Criss immediately put the photo of them up on his Twitter account which has a following of some 5 Million people! You can log onto his Twitter account right now @crissangel and see him standing there arm and arm with Don Wayne.

His praise for Don Wayne was so heartwarming.  You can tell that Don Wayne really is an unsung hero and a legend, which makes this Documentary such a wonderful and important project to make.  I can’t wait to air the interview!

We packed up and said our good by’s and thank yous and then Criss Angel gave all 6 of us tickets to see his show that night! We were thrilled. We had some time and so went to check out some other locations and interviewee’s and then headed over to his show. VIP tickets awaited us and the seats were amazing.  The entrance to the stage was also filled with some very cool items on display which you have to see for yourself when you go.

The stage and theater were beautifully done up with magical sculptures and elaborate art. We settled in to watch the show.  The magic  illusions and tricks were fantastic along with comical characters and acts that kept it all very lively, I was really impressed.

Nearing the end of the show Criss was giving a little talk about his show and then he started to say that there was someone very special in the audience. A man who had contributed a lot to magic and helped to make it what it is today, a man that is highly respected by Magicians and he said “DON WAYNE evrybody“! The spotlight came onto us and Don of course as he sat. He was not expecting that at all! None of us were. We nudged Don to stand up and it was very sweet. He did and waved to the audience.. Criss Angel asked the crowd to give him a hand.  It was really wonderful. I was so happy for Don because that was the reason I started to make this documentary in the first place. Don Wayne is a real genius in this business and he deserves to be recognized after all of these years. How cool that was of Criss to do!

Then, just before the end of the show, someone came and grabbed us from our seats and we were whisked away into the backstage area. We walked into Criss’s suite. It was all decked out in true Criss Angel form.  Criss was there instructing some stage prop guys to fix this or that for the next show and then said hello.  He asked us to make ourselves at home and went off to get changed. You could tell his show was very physical work for him.  Myself and the crew settled in and talked about the show. Soon he came out and chatted with us and asked what tricks we liked most and chatted with Don about what he thought.  It was was really unexpected.  Also you could tell Criss is a very hard working guy. I am sure he must have been tired after his two back to back shows, but I couldn’t tell.  Despite the fact that it was late, he took the time to spend with us, all of us, not just Don who you could tell he really admired.

I wanted to note that Criss Angel’s views about the magic business were really cool. He wants to help magicians come up and find their way, he does help showcase new magicians and is doing all he can it seems to unite magicians and create more support not just for himself but the industry itself.

It is a very strange and unique business, almost wild west like, with no unions, no agencies, nothing really established to work in. So people who make it in Magic have really done something spectacular. And almost all of them know who Don Wayne is… And there is also a very special code that magicians follow which is not found in other entertainment fields. They really take it seriously and their honor is important when it comes to following it.

Over the course of our visit, it was clear to me that Criss Angel’s fame had not made him slow down and that he was very hardworking. He does two full shows a night, 5 nights a week and even though it sells huge ticket numbers he seemed to be always looking to improve it.

I was also surprised to find out just how many people worked on the show. You wouldn’t expect it but there is a whole community behind the scenes. I could also see that he valued his team and treated his people very well.  It was apparent that Criss Angel has a real appreciation for others, which explains why he was so gracious and recognized Don Wayne so wonderfully.

That night I went to sleep thinking about all of the tricks I’d seen (I would love to tell you about them in this blog but I don’t think I’m supposed to). I kept remembering more and more of them as I lay there trying to fall asleep, and wondering how he did them….

and that is what magic is all about folks.

We weren’t able to fit much more into our weekend trip but we are already planning to go back to Vegas for more interviews with more fascinating illusion builders and legends of the business, who have worked with Don Wayne over the years.

I will be posting more about what’s to come… stay tuned! :)


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Growing success for our BIGFOOT talent!

BIGFOOT:THE MOVIE, has been true to it’s cast of new talent since it’s inception. With lead roles for true local Ellwood talent, the boys who helped make the story come to life. These actors we knew were fantastic but as a producer looking for financing to believe in our project, they didn’t fit the normal industry business model of needing “names”.

But that didn’t matter. We knew from the beginning that these actors were what made the project and worth believing in, despite any obstacle.  Owner/Producer of Druid, Kimberly Brennecke made a promise to keep BIGFOOT THE MOVIE true to form as originally intended by it’s creator Jared Show.

As it turns out, our strong belief in our awesome “no-name” leads is well placed as others start to recognize their skills. Hearing the news of one of our main guys landing a fantastic acting roll in a mainstream project is very uplifting and we thought we should share his success with you!

BIGFOOT STAR “Chuck” (who you will recognize when you watch our trailer as the one with the AWESOME mullet… ) star Curt Wootton, stars as the hero “Jack Yaeger” a leading role, in a fantastically retro and classically done old school style SyFy web series  ”The Mercury Men”. Worth watching if you loved the old 40′s science fictions flicks….

We are so proud of you Curt!!!


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Magic Castle Magician, Stan Gerson Interview!

Part of telling this awesome story about the Master in the Shadows, Mr. Don Wayne, is that  so many fantastic Magicians are coming out to speak about him.

One of Don’s long time friends and a renowned Magician of the Magic Castle, Mr. Stan Gerson, will be interviewed at the Magic Castle for the documentary this month. (The castle has a very strict no camera policy so this is quite a treat!)

Stan started his magic career in 1969. In 1970 he became a member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California – a private club whose members are considered among the top magicians in the world.

By 1973, Stan was a regular performer in the Castle’s “Close up Parlour.”

Stan had the opportunity of studying under such great magicians as Toni Slydini and Dai Vernon. Vernon, known in the magic circles as “The Professor,” highly praised Stan’s performance.

Stan is also a member of The London England Magic Circle, The International Brotherhood of Magicians (Order of Merlin) and the Society of American Magicians.

When Mr. Gerson first heard about this project he told us “I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re doing this documentary! I have always wanted Don to achieve public recognition. He is a true genius. It’s amazing what he’s done for the magic industry and a shame that no one outside the magic community really knows it. He’s just so humble about it all. I’m so glad that his story is finally being told!

The Magic Castle itself, is the private clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc, a very special organization devoted to the advancement of the ancient art of magic. The purpose of The Academy is to encourage and promote public interest in the art of magic with particular emphasis on preserving its history as an art form, entertainment medium, and hobby. Beginning with a charter membership of 150, the Academy has grown into a world-renowned fraternal organization with a membership of nearly 5,000.





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Ellwood PA – the word is out!

Check out these 80′s stud-muffins!

Folks out in Ellwood, PA have caught word of BIGFOOT THE MOVIE and are spreading the news! People that live there are getting really excited as they send links of of the video to their friends and fam. It’s really catching on and we’re getting some great laughs and tons of local pride.


Being that the creator and director is from Ellwood, and so are all the main characters, it’s really causing some buzz.

“Dale” (Nathan Magill) who lives in Ellwood, is already starting to get fans approaching him at work and on the street! More news to come!


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Criss Angel to interview on Don Wayne Doc!

Famous Magician with his own TV series and Vegas magic show entertainer Criss Angel has agreed to interview about Don Wayne and will be featured in our upcoming Don Wayne: Master in the Shadows Documentary! We’re on our way out there soon to interview him along with David Copperfield’s long time producer Bob Cayne! This time, what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas…

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Veteran First AD signs on to BIGFOOT!

Rick Murken has been making movies for decades. He worked with Spielberg years and has a list of major feature film hits that will knock your socks off! He loves the BIGFOOT project and has agreed to be our First AD/Producer! Our very first official DRUID PICTURES Feature will start off with a bang with the likes of him on board! Hooray! We are so happy to have his expertise and also, he’s pretty

fun to have around…. welcome Rick!!!

Here are a few of his projects you might recognize…




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Shooting commenced on Don Wayne Doc!

Last Friday we had our first official interview with Don Wayne, master illusionist and magic consultant. Though Don has not had any fame in his life, his skills and genius truly rival that of Houdini and the greats. It was quite a thrill hearing some of his stories and a lot of fun for the interviewer (Kimberly Brennecke) her first time interviewing and his first time being interviewed on camera. A great crew of people came together to make it happen and continue to do so as we plan the rest of the interviews and unique footage for the Doc.

Director Garett Martell and cameraman Steve also enjoyed the interview. It was all smiles as the stories unraveled on set that night.

Don wrote a thank you from his Singapore location (on location working on another big Magic show)  just today, saying how comfortable he was and how much fun he had. For a man who’s always been behind the scenes, getting him to come “out of the shadows” is quite an honor.

Hours of footage have been compiled and digitized to help create the library of works that are Don’s illusions and tricks, not easy to pick through them to add to our show. Only 45 minutes of airtime, is hardly enough!

More news to come as our little MINI PIX project continues!


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